Happy Spring!!!  It's that time of year that we all start thinking about those sunny lake days and opening up the cabin.  These items should help cheer you up until then.  All of these hand crafted items are perfect as gifts, to freshen up the cabin, or to just treat yourself.  Every item is 100% designed and crafted in Sandpoint, ID.  

The mountains and lakes of North Idaho have been my home for years. My inspiration come from these mountains and lakes.

I take pride in my work and won't send anything out the door that I am not 100% satisfied with.  

My purpose of starting this shop is to fund my obsession on becoming a pilot.  I have flown over the waters and mountains of Priest Lake and can't think of a better way to spend my free time.  

Rather than starting a fundraising campaign and collecting free money, I figured I would start making things for people.  I quickly realized that people like my work, my creativity, and my passion for this hobby of mine.  

My goal is to have my license in early Spring:) So with your help, you might just find something that you want, which helps me out as well.

Thank you,


Jonathan Dodge

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